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Cheapest Vacations in the United States

It can be tough to take time off work and save for a trip, so how can you enjoy vacation and make it affordable for you and your family? The cheapest vacations will take accommodations, transportation, food and entertainment costs into consideration.

We suggest visiting one of these seven American cities.

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1. Austin, Texas

Austin, TX, is great for those interested in live music, outdoor activities and food trucks. Austin is home to Lady Bird Lake, a great improv scene and the Blanton Museum of Art.

To get from the airport to downtown, you can catch a cheap bus ride or use a ridesharing service like Uber. Once you’re in the city, you’ll find dozens of ways to get around—from the metro and express bus to bike rentals and even a Pedi cab.

2. Chicago, Illinois

If you’re willing to travel off-season—in the spring or winter—you will find plenty of deals on hotels or Airbnbs, both of which are cheaper to book in Chicago than San Francisco, New York, Boston or Miami.

Travel to Chicago just before Christmas and you can take advantage of ice skating, the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights, Navy Pier festivities and dozens of other fun events. Best of all, you don’t have to rely on a car. You can pay up to $2.25 one-way for the subway to take you all around the city.

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3. Denver, Colorado

You can easily get to Denver by train, bus, car or airplane and you can enjoy the city year-round. There is free public transportation downtown, but bike sharing is also available.

There are affordable hotels, Airbnbs and hostels with rates of $19 per bed per night or $43 per room per night. For entertainment, you’ll find numerous hiking trails, inexpensive museums and dozens of popular breweries. You’re also a short distance from Colorado Springs and the city of Boulder.

4. Orlando, Florida

If you want a sunny beach vacation, Orlando, FL, is the city to visit. Home of Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Legoland, Orlando is a great getaway destination. The city also has a plethora of restaurants, bars, beaches and golf courses you and your family can enjoy.

On average, hotels cost $109 per night. If you’re traveling with your family, you can find packages that combine hotel deals with ticket discounts to city attractions.

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5. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Considered the Best Affordable Destination in the USA by US News, the Grand Canyon is a UNESCO World Heritage site and attracts more than 4.5 million visitors each year.

Save money by forgoing a hotel and camping in one of the many campsites surrounding the canyon. To get around, rent a car or utilize one of the many free shuttle buses that will take you all around the South Rim.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Less than a five-hour drive from the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas offers a completely different trip to travelers. There are cheap flights, thousands of luxurious hotel options with the average cost being $126 per night and night shows for cheap.

You can even rent a car for the day and visit the Red Rock Canyon. The cheapest time to visit Las Vegas is in January when hotel rates drop up to 60% off their normal rates.

7. Salt Lake City, Utah

A city of cultural and religious significance, Salt Lake City is ideal for hikers and skiers. Average hotel prices are a little less than $150 per night and Airbnb rooms are as low as $25 per night.

If you travel to Salt Lake City in the winter, you can find stay-and-ski packages along with discounted rooms and lift tickets. There is free transportation in the downtown area, often with free events around the city. Even the Utah Symphony offers an “After Dark” series for $10 per ticket at neighboring bars and restaurants.

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