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How Much Is a Trip to Asia?

How much is a trip to Asia? While the overall cost will depend on which country you go to, the cost to travel to Asia is down almost 9% from last year. Before making travel plans, consider the general costs associated with an international trip to Asia and learn how to save.

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International Flights

Finding cheap flights from the U.S. to Southeast Asia might be tough, but there are affordable tips to help you get there. If you are able, fly out of Los Angeles or New York for the best flight prices—these cities have a higher volume of international flights than anywhere else in the U.S.

Cities worth flying to include Shanghai, China, for an average of $678, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for an average of $689 or Beijing, China, for an average of $693. The cheapest flights can be found in the spring and fall. You can also find more affordable options if you fly with Asia-based airlines.


There are many options for ground transportation in Asia. If you want to save, avoid hiring a car and driver. From buses and motorcycle taxis to jeepneys and rideshare companies like Uber, there are plenty of easy and affordable ways to travel throughout Southeast Asia.

There are also many options for traveling from country to country. Country hopping is more affordable than you may think with cheap flights, trains, buses and boats.

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Lodging and Accommodation Costs

Cheap guesthouses can cost you $10–$20 per night while mid-range hotels in Southeast Asia can cost as little as $50–$100 per night.

In Northern Vietnam, specifically, you can find dorms for $10–$15 per night. You can even stay in a hotel or hostel in the Philippines for $14 per night.

Food and Drink

In Southeast Asia, there are many cheap and delicious food options. If you’re visiting Thailand, you can spend an average of $15 per day on meals with a small beer costing you an average of $3. If you travel to Malaysia, the average cost of meals per day is only $10.

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With 37 UNESCO world heritage sites in Southeast Asia, you won’t be bored. For example, Bali is ranked as one of the World’s Best Places to Visit, and has everything from idyllic beaches and natural wonders to scenic festivals and international restaurant fare.

The ancient coastal town of Hoi Ann in Vietnam also provides tourists with a wonderful experience. The town is built around canals and has historic sites that date all the way back to the 15th century. Hoi Ann is also famous for tuk tuk rides and elephant bathing.

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