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How Much Money Should I Save To Buy A House?

If you are wondering, ‘How much money should I save to buy a house?’ — you are not alone.  Many home buyers struggle with understanding how much cash they’ll need to close on their home. We’ll help you plan ahead to purchase your future home. Learn more about how much to save to purchase a house.

How Much You Need For A House

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When you buy a house, fees and expenses can add up quickly. Calculating the down payment is just the start. To know how much money you need to save to buy a house, be sure to ask about closing costs and other expenses.

Here are a few other costs to be mindful of when you are saving to buy a house:

Down Payment

Often totaling a certain fraction of the price of the house, the down payment depends on which lender you use. A good rule of thumb is to try to have a 20% down payment on-hand to buy a house, but that can be a challenge. Lenders have options — such as VA loans or FHA loans — for buyers who can’t or don’t want to put down 20% of the cost.

Closing Costs

Many home buyers, should they successfully save for a down payment on a house, may struggle with paying closing costs. Closing costs can be 2-3% of the amount of your loan. These costs vary depending on your location. Sometimes, a buyer can negotiate with the seller to pay the closing costs.

Prepaid Expenses

Most mortgages include taxes and homeowners insurance held in escrow, meaning that these fees will be included in your monthly mortgage payment. In order for that to happen, you will also need to pay some of the costs upfront.

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Cutting Costs And Saving More

When prospective home buyers think about how much to save, that amount can seem impossible at first. By setting realistic financial goals and trimming expenses, you can create a clear roadmap to buying a house.

After you make a financial plan, following some savings tips can help you stick to it.

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