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How To Save for Vacation | 5 Easy Steps

Are you wondering how to save for a vacation? Saving money for your dream get-away does not involve the same strategy as preparing for retirement or your children’s college education; for vacation planning, you want to save money fast! Keep reading to learn how you can save for vacation in five fast and simple steps.

The Cost of a Vacation

With the average cost of a family vacation nearing $5,000 (plus taxes!), it’s no wonder why so many Americans put off taking a real vacation. Not many people have that kind of cash at their disposal.

But with a little planning and some simple steps, you can save for a dream get-away that will be rewarding for years to come. 

5 Expert Tips for Savings for a Vacation

save for vacation

1. Get rewards from your credit card. 

Open a credit card that rewards you with travel points you can redeem for nights at hotels, rental cars and airfare. You may be able to rack up enough points to get your airfare or hotel costs paid for simply by using your credit card.

2. Open a dedicated savings account just for travel.

Arrange for automatic savings transfer so money goes in your savings before you ever see it. Or arrange to have part of your paycheck directly deposited into your savings.

3. Choose an online savings account to build your travel fund.

Online banks can offer low-cost, high yield savings accounts because of their decreased overhead costs. Look for accounts that do not require a minimum balance and do not charge monthly fees.

4. Direct extra income to vacation savings.

Did you get a raise this year? Or an annual bonus? How about a tax return? Put that extra money directly into your vacation savings account.

5. Eliminate unnecessary expenses. 

In 2012, households spent an average $2,678 in restaurants. Even small decreases in your discretionary spending will allow you to increase your vacation savings. 

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