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How To Save Money In College | Tips for Students

Learning how to save money while you’re in college is an important lesson for your long-term financial outlook. But with the rising costs of tuition, books and life as a student, it can be hard to save money. We’re here to help.

Keep reading to learn how to keep the cost of college life within your budget. 

Tips for Saving Money in College

learn how to save money in college

Eat Cheap

Drink Cheap

Sleep Cheap

Spend and Save Cheap

college student saving money

The Best Savings Accounts for College Students

Synchrony Bank can help you save money while you’re in college. Open a Synchrony Bank high yield savings account and pay no monthly service fees no matter what your balance is. No minimum balance means you have access to all of you money when you need it.

With easy access online or by phone, great customer perks and award-winning products, you can feel confident that Synchrony Bank is here for you. 

For more help saving in college, call Synchrony Bank at 1-844-345-5789 or click here to open a savings account today.



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