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Open A Savings Account With A Cash Card

Even if you open a savings account to save for the future, you may still want to easy access to your money. Many savings accounts include a cash card so you have access to your funds 24/7.

Keep reading to learn about opening a savings account that comes with a cash card.

Why You Need A Savings Account With A Cash Card

get a savings account with a cash card

While most Americans prefer saving to spending, sometimes it is necessary to access money from a personal savings account. Emergencies and other short-term spending situations happen, and it’s good to have available funds just in case. A savings account with a cash card provides the peace of mind that you’re managing your money on your terms.

Withdrawing funds from your saving accounts by using a cash or debit card is one way to access your money without spending time and effort actually going to a bank branch. This ability ensures that customers aren’t restricted by inconvenient business hours or location. Many banks allow account holders to use their cash card to withdraw savings from any nearby ATM.

Saves should also look for a bank that makes it easy to withdraw or transfer money by phone or via an online banking portal.

Saving Accounts Made Easy With Synchrony Bank

Using a savings account with a cash card/ATM card offers you the flexibility to access your money on the go—and that’s what Synchrony Bank does best. In fact, Synchrony Bank has won awards for banking innovation and customer experience.

In addition to providing customers with cash cards, here are some of the highlights of opening a savings account with Synchrony Bank:

Call Synchrony Bank at 1-844-345-5789 to open a savings account today.




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