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Ways to Save Money for Vacation

Cutting costs and saving money are the most common ways to save for a vacation. By shaving costs where you can and taking an advantage of opportunities to make money, you could build a nice fund for the trip of your dreams. Here are some ways to save money for a vacation.

here are ways to save money for vacation

How to Save Money for Vacation

Whether you’re saving for a vacation or just want to build up your savings account, here are a few ideas to help you save:

Save on Housing Costs

Short- or long-term adjustments to your housing situation can help you move money into a vacation fund. Start by making home improvements, such as replacing old light fixtures or upgrading your windows, to save on utility bills. 

You can also save money for a vacation by lowering energy usage inside your home—turn off lights and increase the temperature during hotter months to lower your overall energy bill.

Get the Most from Your Credit Card

Credit card companies offer points or airline miles on purchases. Stockpiling these rewards can come in handy when you’re planning for a vacation.

For example, earning enough airline miles could give you a free flight or a vacation at a significant discount.

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Additional Tips to Build Your Vacation Fund

Aside from saving on housing hosts and using your credit card, here are some additional tips to save money for vacation: 

Pick up a Side Job

By sacrificing a few weekends outside of normal work hours, you could potentially bring in the income needed for a vacation. With 15% of American adults using rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, there’s a big market for extra income as a driver.

Many adults also pick up seasonal jobs to get some additional cash. Many companies hire thousands of seasonal workers around the holidays, so if you’re planning a spring vacation, getting a job around the holidays may not be such a bad idea.

Get Rid of Old Items

Selling some of your never- or seldom-used items can put money back in your pocket, with an added bonus of cleansing your home of things you don’t need. Get rid of clothes on apps such as Poshmark or Vinted, or think about holding a garage sale. 

Open a Dedicated Savings Account

The smartest way to fund a vacation is to take some time to build a fund specifically for the trip. Utilizing a dedicated savings account for a vacation allows you to keep a keen eye on your budget so you can track the vacation’s actual cost and not “mix your money.”

Save for Vacation with Synchrony Bank

If you’re looking for ways to save money for vacation, Synchrony Bank has a variety of award-winning savings accounts that can help make your vacation a reality. Our high yield savings accounts don’t have a minimum balance or monthly service fees, so you’ll be able to start your vacation fund on your terms without any hassle.

Call Synchrony Bank at 844-345-5789 or open a savings account to start saving for your vacation today.



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